VANDALS have disfigured a series of metal sculptures depicting shocking ‘sexual acts’ on Altea’s Costa Blanca beachfront.

At least three of the 26 installments by Alcoy artist Antoni Miró have had their most controversial parts twisted and broken off.

FLOP: One of the erotic artworks vandalised in Altea

The artwork, named the Erotic Greek Suite, were set up on Altea’s beachfront in November in honour of ancient Greece.

But the series of sculptures – which have travelled through Valencia and Alicante – received immediate condemnation by opposition parties following their installation.

The Popular Party (PP) released a statement on November 18 said the artworks were ‘not right’ for Altea and said ordinary citizens should not be paying taxes for this.

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GRAPHIC: This scene (prior to vandalisation) from Antoni Miro’s work caused outrage for its sexual content

“Do the mayor and councillor for culture really think an exhibition on the street with figures representing fellatio, masturbation, with exposed genitals and reproducing various sexual practices is the most appropriate for our little ones?”

Popular spokeswoman Rocío Gómez said: “As a mother, echoing many voices of other mothers and fathers, I ask this government to change the location of statues with sexually explicit content to a closed enclosure and not use the Altea beachfront for its whims at a cost that for all Alteanos.”

Altea mayor Jaume Llinares Cortés however denounced the acts of vandalismo on the sculptures of the most ‘sexual nature’.

Councillor for culture Aurora Serrat likewise showed repugnance for the vandalism, saying she ‘could not understand’ how someone could damage art ‘without reason’.

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SHOCKING: The Popular Party immediately denounced the exhibition, suggesting the council moved the artworks into a closed space

“The exhibition is one of the most beautiful that has been made in our town in recent years. We deeply regret the incivism that has occurred in Altea, a town rooted in culture and that has always boasted for its respect and tolerance towards artistic expression.

“We hope the behaviour of a few does not affect the good reception that the people of Altea have always made to art and culture. That is why I appeal to treat ‘Erotic Suite’ with the normality and maturity of a 21st century society.”

Neither government official made any movements to remove the exhibition, due to last until March 1.

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