VOYAGE: Thunberg getting off the train in Madrid with her iconic sign

CLIMATE activist Greta Thunberg has warned world leaders that the Madrid climate conference in is the last chance to save the world from environmental disaster. 

Speaking at a press conference in the Spanish capital with other young climate activists, she said that the world couldn’t  let the UN Conference pass by without real action being taken. 

“We cannot afford any more days to go by without real action being taken,” she said.

“Every chance we get to improve the situation we must take.”

She added: “It is impossible to know what the world is going to look like in ten years. We have to do everything we can to prevent worse consequences.”

She was speaking ahead of a climate change march in Madrid this evening, starting at 18:00 (CET), which she is expected to join. 

STAR ATTRACTION: Thunberg attending the conference in Madrid

Thousands will also attend a simultaneous environmental protest in the Chilean capital of Santiago where the UN Climate Conference was originally meant to be held.

Anti-government protests across Chile meant that the South American country’s president pulled out of hosting the summit at the end of October. 

Thunberg also called for more people to join climate protests.

“We need more climate activists,” she said.

“I’m just a small part of a very big movement.” 

The conference in Madrid runs until December 13.

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  1. So let’s see… If we let another day go by without action, the world will end? Ok, so tomorrow then since Great took action, the world has been saved. Planes will continue to fly, ships can still supply the world with supplies, I don’t have to abandon my car, I can still watch TV/use the internet, etc., But what about the cow farts? Has Greta personally agreed to slaughter the millions of cows on the planet? I guess yes. So no worries then. The planet was saved today. Thanks to Greta the Magnificent.

    Location : Marbella

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