AS Boris Johnson talks tough on terrorism and attacks his bitter rival Jeremy Corbyn, he has been embarrassed by a Spanish comedian.

The Conservative leader was impersonated by TV star Joaquin Reyes, 45, for La Sexta.

The comedian’s previous characters have included Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, Vox leader Santiago Abascal, former President of Andalucia Susana Diaz, US President Donald Trump and General Franco.

Joaquin Reyes
CLUELESS: Joaquin Reyes’ Johnson character is drunk, anti-European and ignorant

Speaking identically to Boris, Reyes says: “Hello fucking Europeans, I’m Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, a journalist, former mayor of London, a member of the Tories and now Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the third in office since we started with the Brexit joke.

“Europe, you are going to shit, because when we leave I will reinforce the borders, I will throw all the Europeans out, and I’m going to close the airspace so that Mary Poppins won’t be able to fly.”

Reyes dons the classic blue suit and tie of the Tory leader, as well as some facial and stomach prosthetics to recreate Johnson’s portly physique.

Fake Boris also complains that Brexit, which could compromise the lives of thousands of British expats in Spain, is ‘more drama than when the Spice Girls broke up’.

He also addresses the UK public, as he asks: “How could you believe that Europe robbed us of £350 million a week.”

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