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OPINION: Like turkeys voting for Christmas, Britain has dished up Brexit into Boris Johnson’s greedy hands

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CHRISTMAS TREAT: But not for expats

Last week we discovered what was top of the British people’s Christmas list.

Santa Claus promised them a ‘Christmas gift’ they couldn’t turn down.

And they lined the streets queuing up for it. And they got it.

‘Let’s get Brexit done,’ said Boris Johnson, ripping off his beard. Brexit they got.

But like every child who sits on Santa Claus’s knee and tells them all his wishes, the British people were sold a lie.

And you don’t have to wrap yourself in an EU flag outside Westminster to believe that.

For Boris Johnson like Father Christmas can’t ride through the sky, granting everyone’s wishes with a gusto-filled ‘ho ho ho.’ 

Even as Johnson’s hefty parliamentary majority will allow him to whizz Brexit through the commons by Christmas and have it ‘done’ by the end of January, years of wrangling over the EU and Britain’s future relationship and ehem trade deal waits around the corner like a new year hangover. 

And the future of every British citizen living in Spain is tied up in that.

Only yesterday Micheal Gove – who is in charge of no-deal planning – refused to rule out no-deal when challenged over the government’s plans to make it illegal for Britain to ask the EU for an extension to the transition period which ends in eleven months. 

Fair enough, he might have been doing himself out of a job by ruling out the possibility his job exists to plan for.

But that will be no reassurance for those whose futures these politicians are meddling with.

Robert Firth

Olive Press reporter.
[email protected]
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  1. But like every child who sits on Santa Claus’s knee and tells them all his wishes, the British people were sold a lie
    REALLY? Can you explain?

    Location : LONDON
  2. Ha, the ‘weekly whine’ is at it again, what a sad individual supporting the author that I doubt most Brits have never heard of! BREXIT it is and a good job too! PM Boris will not take the slightest notice of the ‘whine’.

    Location : Tunbridge Wells
  3. Mr. Firth is writing about and on behalf of, Brits living in Spain, not the Colonel Blimps of the Home Counties. The coming crash-out Brexit can only have a multiple, negative effect on expat life here. The very thought of it has many people in despair and it is yet to occur !
    So, Britain, enjoy the dead-cat bounce of a Johnson win, the combless blond buffoon will soon have you whimpering for a saviour. It’s just a pity that Brits abroad will also be inspecting the bottom of the dunny with you.

    Location : malaga
  4. As mentioned regarding a number of your other posts Stefano, the expressed view is NOT on behalf of ” the Brits living in Spain”. Only the whining undemocratic minority.
    I know of very few who have not welcomed the outcome of the election and, sad to say, those who haven’t tend to be the people who came to Spain with Rose tinted glasses assuming the exchange rate would always be above 1.35 and that they could claim state support and handouts endlessly.
    As for “Santa Claus’s promises” good grief,! Corbyn promised everybody would have everything paid for with nobody ever having to pay anything back – those were the really insupportable promises made during the campaign. Thank god there remain enough decent, sensible people to see such tripe for what it is.
    And, by the way, myself and those I reference DO live in Spain so we face exactly the same problems, issues, delights, joys and satisfaction of a new life in a new country as you

    Location : Rute, Spain
  5. @s You poor sod, you can’t help yourself can you? BTW you’re the proverbial ‘dead cat’ for remainers.
    First, Britain is leaving the EU & no amount of your whinging will change that.
    Second, Have you checked on Mr Firth the pro Labour freelance reporter who wrote on 12/12/19 about the UK ‘This vile vile country. Let it dig its bitter grave in the frostbitten stinking soil’ Its no wonder Labour were thrashed, the likes of him & you need help!
    Why don’t you & he get together & start an editorial named ‘The Weekly Whine’? You losers suit each other.
    You utter hypocrite talked about ad hominem attack on you yet you often use ad hominem on others, see above re Boris your PM. The buffoon is you!

    Location : Tunbridge Wells
  6. “Personal insults in the middle of an otherwise sound argument are NOT ad hominem attacks” Source; Wikipedia.
    Arguments against the wisdom of Brexit are perfectly valid. Besides, the man obviously does NOT possess a comb. He IS blond (probably) and his buffoonery is well documented. So, more of an observation than an insult. N’est-ce pas?

    Location : malaga
  7. @s Interesting reply, so you think it was sound arguments for you to previously describe a bullfighter as a ‘clown in a fancy suit’, or ‘get in the queue beggarman’ re Marbella’s temporary jobs, & another one ‘thanks to the blind, deaf and daft Leavers’, and ‘Britain is now lead by a gurning buffoon’ etc? Both your so called observations and insults stem from what might be in your head to suit yourself. Only asking as I do think you are a pathetic Remoaner and a frustrated buffoon (observations) who whinges weekly about Brexit but can do nothing about it, which is sort of ‘wonderfully’ Karma really!
    Surely even with your sad negativity you wouldn’t want to remove the Boris effect on Sterling which helps all Brits in Spain as well as may help Brits thinking of buying into the Spanish property market! Good for Spain and Brits n’est-ce pas?
    BTW we enjoy our Spanish property lifestyle & our British lifestyle as many Brits do!

    Location : Tunbridge Wells
  8. Happy Christmas Olive Press and Expats!

    We’re off to the West Country now to see family for a week, but lap top not travelling with us.

    Location : Off to Somerset

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