A MANHUNT is underway for three men accused of raping and sexually assaulting three American sisters in southern Spain. 

The shocking assault is said to have occurred on New Years Eve after the three victims met the men at a pub in Murcia.

Two of the women told police they were raped while the third said she fought off her attacker as he tried to force himself on her, although she is reported to have been attacked in the process.

Murcia police have confirmed they are investigating.

A spokesman for Policia Nacional told the Mail Online: “I can confirm a formal complaint has been made by three women and we are investigating.

“We cannot say any more because the investigation is ongoing.”

According to local sources, the women are sisters from the US and are aged 23, 20 and 18.

La Opinion de Murcia reported that the two sisters were visiting a third, who is studying in the city and was soon to return home.

The rapes and assaults are believed to have occurred at the flat of the sister.

There are yet to be any arrests but the three men have been described by the women as Iranian, according to RTVE.


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