A COMPANY based in Jaen has introduced a four-day working week.

Software Delsol has introduced this radical idea that was also part of the Labour Party’s manifesto in the recent UK General Election.

In order to make this possible, the company has had to hire 25 more employees, bringing its total to 181. 

The weekly working hours have subsequently also been reduced from 40 to 36 in the winter months and to 28 in the summer months.

The only other large scale example of this new pioneering idea is from Microsoft in Japan, which claims to have increased its sales by 40% as a result.

Deel Sol
IMPRESSIVE: Software Delsol’s state of the art office in Jaen

It comes after Scottish company Pursuit Marketing landed in Malaga with a four-day week last summer.

CEO, Fulgencio Messeguer said: “It has not been easy to introduce this measure, it has been a challenge because we did not have any reference to go on.”

The degree of worker satisfaction for this new initiative is a staggering 9.28/10.

According to Messeguer, there are also other benefits as well, apart from increased productivity and worker satisfaction, such as energy savings and less pollution due to fewer car trips taken to work.

In addition, Software Delsol also guarantees a salary increase of over 3% each year, another unprecedented measure.

The company is based in the Geolit Science and Technology Park in Mengibar and also has very impressive leisure facilities, such as a gym, a paddle tennis court and even an outdoor pool.

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