Further to my previous article last month, of why Jennifer Cunningham Insurances is special, I felt it was important to provide some more information.

Our special expat car policies with Liberty Seguros have further benefits – one of which is Recommended Garages.

To be a recommended garage for Liberty Seguros is a thorough and rigorous process, to ensure that the services offered are of the highest standard.

What does this mean for the policy holder? Well, if your car claim is opened by our Claims Administrator, you will be offered a choice of Liberty Seguros Recommended Garages in your area, in the first instance.  

These particular garages are far more beneficial for you, as you will be given preferential treatment and any work done will be guaranteed for two years.

These garages can provide replacement vehicles, subject to availability and this can be arranged directly with the garage and your repairs booked to coincide with this availability.

The garage will initially self-assess the repairs required, which will speed up the process of the works.  

However, for larger damages, an assessor will be required, as is normally the case, and this will be arranged by the garage, directly with Liberty Seguros. 

Your vehicle will be valeted at the end of the process and you have the option of a free general check-up.  

As a Liberty customer, any private repairs can be arranged at a special discount.

Obviously the garage for your repairs will always be your choice. But with all these benefits, why would you choose anywhere else? 

There are so many advantages of dealing with a specialist insurance company, for example rather than a bank and of course, at Jennifer Cunningham Insurances, I offer the services of a specialist Claims Administrator to make the process as smooth, easy and stress free as possible.

Liberty Seguros Expat policies and Terms and Conditions are in various languages, including English, which also makes life much easier for you and are tailored for the Expat requirements and expectations.  

Expat policies are not just for car insurance, but for most of the insurance policies we provide.

For further information or a quotation, please contact one of my offices or visit the website www.jennifercunningham.net.

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