FRENCH and Portuguese drivers are far worse than British, when it comes to driving offences in Spain.

The country’s Traffic Department, the DGT, have just published the statistics from a survey carried out that shows who are the worst drivers in each region.

The results are based on which nationality commits more traffic offences.

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THIRD SPOT: UK drivers still represent over 12% of road crime by foreigners in Spain

Out of over 170,000 denuncias presented to overseas offenders, some 33% (56,453) were handed out to drivers from France.

Spain’s neighbours to the west came a close second with 43,643 denuncias (25%) given to Portuguese.

The UK came third in the list with 21,384 offending, representing just over 12%.

An interesting graphic also reveals which regions of Spain had a higher proportion of car crime from a particular country’s drivers.

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VARIATIONS: Certain regions have different results

The Alicante and Cadiz areas fared poorly for Brits, as they topped the chart for criminal drivers, with every other region on the Mediteranean coast having the French as the worst.

In the Balearics and Tenerife, drivers from Germany were the biggest offenders.

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