GUNSHOTS have been heard in Marbella. Yet again.

A British expat told the Olive Press that she heard three separate gunshots in the last hour, in Nueva Andalucia, near Marbella.

And when she then tried to leave her home ten minutes later, she found a series of police roadblocks preventing her from leaving her road.

The long time expat who asked not to be named sent a series of photographs to the Olive Press.

ROADBLOCK: Nothing is moving as Policia Nacional have closed off the road ©theOlivePress

She told the Olive Press that she’s been stuck in her car ‘unable to move’ for half an hour and that the police aren’t allowing anyone to go near the scene.

The woman said she could not see a body but was ‘adamant’ she heard gunshots. 

This is the latest of a dozen shootings in a period of just a few months, in Marbella, which has seen a series of drug related gang hits over the last year.

A shocking four people were shot dead between November and December last year alone.

More to follow.

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