THE use of excessive alcohol at busy tourist destinations Mallorca and Ibiza has been restricted by the government.

The Regional Government of the Balearic Islands has passed a new law meaning it could be the end of 2-4-1 offers, happy hour and open bars. 

To stop these practices, advertising and promotions in tourist areas will be prohibited.

This could be seen as party pooper mentality but it is in place to reduce the issues caused by booze-fuelled tourists.

All political parties have voted on Tuesday in favour (with the exception of Vox) of the European Government bringing an end to tourism excesses and drunkenness.

Balconing (the activity of climbing from one balcony to another or jumping into swimming pools) has also been banned with anyone carrying out these activities to be thrown off the premises.

It will also be forbidden to sell alcohol in commercial stores at night (they will have to close between 9.30pm and 8.00am), these establishments could be closed as a consequence of not adhering to the new legislation.

Fines of between 1,000 and 600,000 euros may also be implemented for those ignoring the new regulations.

This summer will see the new law put into place, although holidays and offers booked before the new restrictions will be honored. 

It is believed that the new laws could be in place for five years and will apply to four areas of Mallorca and Ibiza, Playa de Palma, Arenal, Magaluf and the West End of Sant Antoni de Portmany.

The tourist community of the Baleares receives more than 13 million tourists per year and understand this change will have an international impact.

Jorge Campos, a spokesman for VOX in the regional parliament, said that despite not voting in favour of the law, his party shared the same goal of getting rid off booze-based tourism.

Meanwhile the Councillor of Economic Model, Tourism and Work, Iago Negueruela, said the new law ‘is needed, pioneering and backs quality (tourism)’.

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