A CHINESE woman who caused a mass coronavirus panic on Monday night after vomiting at a party was actually just drunk.

The reveller, who had returned from Shanghai some 10 days prior, raised the alarm after feeling dizzy and vomiting during a fiesta on Calle Italia in Valladolid.

While drinking with her partner, she became so visibly ill that staff at the bar called emergency services.

In a matter of minutes, several paramedics arrived in an ambulance and attended to the woman without special protection before alerting the Junta of a possible coronavirus infection.

After enacting the coronavirus protocol, emergency services of the Junta de Castilla y Leon arrive in special ambulances and donning special protective gear which protects against chemical, viral and biological agents.

The team shut down the street as concerned neighbours began uploading images to social media.

The religious brotherhood of the Secular Franciscan Order were forced to leave the area via their temple as a precaution.

The medical experts attended to the woman who was extremely pale and who was refusing to comply with their orders.

Amid the chaoes, at one point she manages to somehow escape and gets in a taxi home.

She is later met there by Policia Nacional agents before being taken to hospital.

Meanwhile at the bar, medics begin talking to people who may have had contact with the woman while enacting protocol in the toilets, where she had been vomiting.

But following an evaluation at the Hortega Rio hospital, doctors ruled that there is no chance she could have had the virus.

In a statement to press it said that the patient did not meet ‘the clinical and epidemiological’ criteria and therefore has not even been catalogued as a potential coronavirus case.

She was discharged within a few hours.


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