THIS is the dramatic moment police chased three men through the streets of Marbella before firing warning shots into the air yesterday.



The trio were making a run for it in Nueva Andalucia after having crashed their car in a head on collision with another driver.

The three were being chased by Policia Local when they hit the local head on, leaving him with a head injury.

In the footage, the three suspects can be seen bolting from two officers before a pair of the suspects veer off into a field while the other goes out of view.

It is then that a warning shot is fired into the air.

Police managed to make one of the suspects stop and arrested him before the other two were later found hiding in a nearby building.

According to Diario Sur, the three men have records and are from Ceuta.

Police suspected they were trafficking drugs but bizarrely only found 12 2kg bags of sugar.

They also found gun equipment.


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