BRITISH and Irish expats, along with this newspaper, lead the way yesterday morning after Orihuela Costa council called out for volunteers to help clean up a local beach.

The enormous job of clearing tonnes of rubbish that had been deposited on Playa Flamenca beaches in recent storms seemed an almost impossible task.

Therefore, Orihuela Costa council sent out an urgent plea for volunteers to turn up at Playa Flamenca and help council workers clear the detritus.

Ultimately, roughly 50 expats gave their time, donning protective gloves to lend a hand.

John Aird
“THE LEAST WE CAN DO”: John Aird, with canine helper

We spoke with John Aird, a 70 year-old expat from Glasgow who came with his wife to help out.

Said John, “We came last year too, it’s the very least we can do.”

The event was overseen by Jose Galiano (councillor of Transport, Health and statistics) and Damaso Aparicio, of Street Cleaning and Refuse Collection.

Snr. Aparicio told us, “After the recent storm Gloria, which hit our beaches hard, the sea has returned a lot of plastic along with posidonia roots (sea grass) and accumulation of reed canes.”

“It is worth noting the significant number of people who have attended the activity, which demonstrates our neighbours’ commitment to care of the environment.”

Council Staff
IMPOSSIBLE TASK: Three council workers joined by roughly 50 volunteers

Also, he went on to thank “the great work that the volunteers have done this morning on the Oriolan coast.”

Next Tuesday, February 18, another clean-up is planned at Playa de La Glea at Campoamar.

Again, Orihuela Costa council is asking for volunteers to come along and contribute to the municipality’s big coastal clean-up.

Were you there today, or would you be willing to help out next week? If so, tell our news-desk of your experience via

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