Brexit Awareness Event For British And Eu Citizens To Be Held In Spain

MALAGA is bracing for Brexit by looking to the US and Middle East to reduce its reliance on the British market. 

In its new 800-page marketing plan for 2020-2023, the province’s tourism bosses have detailed 213 objectives to increase its competitiveness.

These include improving the quality of jobs and boosting the €16.8 billion market by 3.4% each year.

But one of its main objectives, according to tourism boss Francisco Salado, is to diversify its tourists by decreasing its reliance on the British market and its own domestic market.

This will include focusing its marketing strategy on the Middle East, US, Asia and the Nordics.

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SIZZLING: Beach in Benalmadena

The aim is to be able to survive potential shocks to the tourism market – like Brexit or the Thomas Cook fiasco – by having a highly diversified clientele.

“If the national market catches a cold we don’t want to get pneumonia,” said Salado, “we want to have an antidote.”

The plans come after Delta Airlines cancelled its direct route from New York to Malaga in a shock move last year.

But Salado told press that he is in talks with AENA and different American airlines to bring back connections to the US.

He vowed to campaign for flights between the Costa del Sol and the US, whether it be New York, Washington or Miami.


  1. What nonsense for the author to headline his story ‘Brexit Antidote’, its nothing to do with Brexit and is BS, Brits will still holiday and buy in Spain irrespective of Brexit, and now austerity measures are being removed plus Javid gone, this will increase Brit spending power as reflected in Sterling yesterday after he resigned!
    Expanding routes to the US and elsewhere is common sense and would boost Spain’s economy, the only danger is the CDS and some other Coasts are already overcrowded in peak times as shown in that awful photo of Benalmadena beach! Not a good advert for a relaxing Spanish holiday unless you like tinned sardines!

    Location : Alhaurin

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