ONE of the most commercial days of the year has arrived.

Valentine’s Day or Dia de San Valentin nowadays is seen as a money grabbing scheme for businesses who raise their prices significantly in order to make the most money they can from couples looking to celebrate their love.

But how did the holiday start?

The holiday has been assimilated by the Church and dates back to the third century in Rome.

A priest named Valentine opposed an order of Emperor Claudius II, who forbade the celebration of marriages for young people.

He did so because he believed that people without families were better soldiers, because they had less sentimental ties.

Valentine began secretly celebrating marriages however, hence becoming the patron saint for lovers.

Upon learning this, the Emperor sentenced Valentine to death on February 14, 270 AD, which is why his memory is commemorated on that day.

The Spanish however are a little bit more sceptical about the holiday.Many people refer to it as Día de El Corte Inglés, as they believe that the holiday was created by the famous department store in order to boost its sales.


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