WATCH: 16 dogs rescued from living HELL with eyes and JAWS missing on Spain’s Costa del Sol


THIS is the shocking moment police rescued 16 dogs from an apartment in Malaga.

A 49-year-old man has been charged after the animals were found in horrific conditions with eyes and jaws missing. 

The hell hole was discovered after neighbours in the Palma-Palmilla district complained of a strong odour and continuous barking. 

The man did not allow police to enter at first and claimed he only had five dogs before handing over nine to officers. 

He was allowed to stay with five of the pups, the maximum allowed for an apartment of his size. 

The dogs were taken to the municipal animal centre with extremely long nails and covered in dirt and matted hair. 

Some of the dogs had tumours while many were missing one eye and several were blind. 

Five were in such a state that they had to be put down. 

Police returned to the property a few days later to check on the other five to discover that there were in fact seven. 

They were all in a shocking state, with one missing a lower jaw and left eye. 

That dog had had its chip removed, suggesting it was stolen. 

The man handed the dogs over after initially refusing.

Police believed the dogs may have been fighting each other having been cramped into a small space.

The suspect has been charged with animal abuse. 




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