The world is full of creative ideas and every day, with the help of technology, a new type of gadget, service, or product is invented to make the lives of man easier and more productive. Take for example the kitchen stove. During the neanderthal times, our ancestors just had sticks and stones to make fire and heat food. It was only in the 1490s where the first historical stove was created, and the stove was made out of bricks and tiles. Then came the Franklin stove where it was made out of burned wood on a grate, and has sliding doors to control the daft. It later on evolved to stoves using coal, then gas, and then finally, electric stoves.

 The beauty of technology lies in how man can create a product that can do multitudes of activities all for the purpose of making life more efficient.

Case in point… the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot, Explained

The Instant Pot is a versatile, multi-use appliance that functions as most of your kitchen appliances. It can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, steamer and much more! 

There are many uses of Instant Pots – among them are:

  • Speedy Cooking Process

Instant pots work even better than your average pressure cooker. Massive chunks of meat can be cooked in tender pieces in just under thirty (30) minutes! This is perfect for individuals saving time on cooking dinner so they can spend quality time eating with family, instead of the arduous task of cooking for them.

  • Controlled cooking time

The instant pot adjusts to whatever cooking time individuals would set, making cooking within complete control of the cook.

  • Self-regulates

With the instant pot’s sensors and self-regulating features, controls on temperature and amount of pressure are regulated. 

  • You can cook anything!

With Instant Pots, one can almost cook anything that he or she wants! From pancakes to cheesecake to pasta… name it, instant pots can probably cook it! 

  • Bluetooth friendly

The Instant Pot Smart offers even more convenient innovations, such as being wirelessly connected to smartphones.

  • Space-saving

Since Instant Pots are multi-use appliances, people can save on kitchen space (and save money too!) because they would no longer need to buy other fancy kitchen appliances since instant pots can function like most of the kitchen gadgets.


More than all the logistical benefits that Instant Pots provide, another reason would be that there are claims on how Instant Pot improves health. 

Here are some reasons how Instant Pots can be the healthier option.

1. Promotion of home-cooked meals

Dining out on a regular basis can be detrimental to one’s health. A research study shows that dining out a lot may encourage people to take on larger portions that their average food intake. 

Also, since individuals do not have control on what ingredients that would go into their food, dining out can also raise one’s sodium and cholesterol levels, as well as increase the risk of heart disease or stroke. This is the reason why possessing an Instant Pot can be the healthier option because individuals can make cooking easier. In fact, our friend at Corrie Cooks provides Instant Pot recipes to help with your home-cooked meals. In addition, individuals have complete control over the portion they eat as well as the ingredients that they put into their meals.

2. Good veggies

Because cooking is made more efficient with Instant Pot, the time initially invested in preparing for dinner, can be used to experiment with vegetables! With a plethora of yummy Instant Pot recipes, cooking (and eating) veggies will be a breeze.

3. Efficient cooking

Long gone were the days where cereals were the go-to choice for a power breakfast meal. With Instant Pot, cooking oatmeal is as easy as pouring a bowl of cereal! Because of the high pressure cooking feature of Instant Pots, it takes only around five (5) minutes to whip up a healthy and filling bowl of oatmeal, which beats the preservatives that traditional cereals contain.

4. Protein love

It is no secret that tendering meat is one of the many features of Instant Pots. Because of this functionality, there will be endless possibilities on how to mix and match your favorite protein! This is especially helpful for keto lovers.

5. Aids in ails

Who knew that Instant Pots can also be your medicine cabinet? In this age where health is most definitely wealth, Instant Pots are able to cook chicken soup for sniffles, thick broths, and even homemade bone broth – perfect for people who are sick and need a little extra loving care.

6. Easy Meal Planning

Meal Planning has been an increasingly popular method of watching caloric intake, cost budgeting, and time productivity. Instant Pots can help aid in all of these and more with it’s easy to cook functionalities.

7. Smart snacks

Healthy snacks such as Greek yogurt, applesauce, and hummus are considered as perfectly healthy snackable items. Instant Pots take it up a notch by making sure that individuals have full control over what ingredients goes in these smart snacks and ensure that there is no added sugar or preservatives in these healthy snacks.

8. Reinforces diet plans

Instant Pots are blessings in disguise, especially for people who are following rigid diet plans with special instructions on both the ingredients and the manner on how food is cooked. Firstly, Instant Pots does not require unhealthy oil to cook food, which perfectly fits 90% of healthy diets. Next, Instant Pots also cuts down on cooking time, which allows people to make their meal plans easier and invest more time in wellness activities to complement their diet.

9. More eggs!

Eggs are the cheapest source of protein and Instant Pots help in achieving that perfect egg, whether it’s boiled, an omelet, or your traditional sunny side up!

10. Healthy desserts

Instant Pots are a blessing most especially for those who have a sweet tooth since Instant Pots can bake cakes, pies, and cheesecakes. What more is people can have full control over the ingredients and have healthier options for those sweet cakes.

For every kitchen, Instant Pots are obviously the go-to handy kitchen appliance with its great features that cut down on cooking time without compromising the quality of food. Whether you are a newbie or an expert chef in the kitchen, you can never go wrong with Instant Pots.


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