DESPITE devastating the region FIVE MONTHS ago, Spain’s Red Cross are still helping out families that were affected by the gota fria and floods that followed.

The Cruz Roja has helped over 440 families across 19 towns and villages in the low-lying region of the Vega Baja in Costa Blanca South.

The organisation announced on Wednesday, February 12, that the €550,000 raised from private donors and companies helped meet “material and emotional needs” of those that have suffered, so far.

DEVASTATION: The gota fria and flooding caused millions of euros worth of damage

They have made over 1,000 deliveries of furniture and appliances in Daya Nueva, Dolores, Almoradí and many other towns and villages.

With their slogan, “We continue working”, guidance and professional advice has been given to help rebuild damaged homes.

Psychological services are still caring for 22 people, according to Maria Casanova, of Orihuela Red Cross.

Francisco Galva   Red Cross

“We are seeing cases of anticipatory anxiety, where people become obsessed with the weather, who see rain through the window and live through what happened again,” she said.

Francisco Galvañ is the provincial president of Alicante Red Cross, he states, “The fact that we have a physical presence makes it possible for us to give a more immediate response.”

He concluded, “Our work is not going to end … there are many families who need a lot of support because they have lost everything.”

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