UNIONS representing Airbus workers have rejected the plan to cut 630 jobs proposed by the company and call for demonstrations.

The management of Airbus, Spain has called for labour representatives to attend a meeting for negotiation on March 3, following which unions will hold assemblies in the factories to schedule walkouts.

The trade unionists heard from company management on Wednesday about the proposed cuts of 2,362 jobs in Europe, with more than 600 in Spain across Madrid, Andalucia and Castilla La Mancha.

No further specifications have been given but it is thought that the plan will affect 332 direct jobs, workshop operators mostly, and 298 indirect jobs.

The European aircraft company has not broken down these job losses by workplace in Spain and has called on the unions to negotiate with them, a proposal that the union centers have rejected ‘unanimously’, according to Juan Antonio Vazquez, a UGT union representative.

Unions will not negotiate this adjustment until the end of July, when the legal period of the consultation ends, although they have said that they do not accept the proposed dismissals because they have not been justified by the company.

Airbus employs about 12,600 workers in Spain, of which 7,560 work in the area of Defence and Space.

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