POLICE have caught a trio of thieves red-handed robbing a Murcia bar in the early hours of Monday, February 17. 

Murcia Arrest
CAUGHT ON THE JOB: Police intervene in the wee hours

As they tried to hide, one of the robbers locked himself in the premises’ toilets.

Neighbours had alerted police at 3:30am and agents were quick enough to find the three still in the property.

The bar’s metal shutters had already been forced, and upon entering, police found one of the three hiding behind the bar, one under a table and one in the toilets.

They were arrested for the crime of robbery with force, in lieu of the fact they were found to be in possession of five screwdrivers, a number of wrenches and four pieces of jewellery.

The three are believed to be local, aged between 47 and 58.

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