THREE Valencia fans have contacted the emergency services claiming they have symptoms of coronavirus.

2,500 Valencianos travelled to Milan for their side’s round of 16 tie against Atalanta last week.

At least three different fans have called 112 to report that they are suffering with the symptoms related to the disease.

The situation in northern Italy was not as critical last week as it is now, where more than 200 people have been confirmed as having the disease and seven so far have died.

The deputy director of epidemiology and health surveillance of the Generalitat Valenciana Hermelinda Vanaclocha, said: “They are still being assessed, they cannot be said to be active cases.

“We have several cases of people who are pending evaluation and among them there are Valencia fans who were in Milan.”

Yesterday evening, the club’s official social media accounts put up posts urging their fans who travelled to Milan to check if they have any types of respiratory symptoms such as coughs, fever or shortness of breath.

They also urge them to ring 112 if so.

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