A SERIES of ‘ghost transfers’ are alleged to be at the centre of a football agent’s money laundering scam that implicates one of the most powerful footballers’ representatives in the world.

As the Olive Press reported yesterday, Fali Ramadani has been placed under investigation by Spain’s High Court for alleged money laundering.

This is linked to the buying of €10 million worth of property and yachts in Calvia, Mallorca, it has now been revealed.

Guardia Civil sources claim that Cypriot club Apollon Limasol was used to carry out fake transfers of players.

These transactions existed on paper only. In reality, allege investigators, none took place – it was a way of laundering millions of euros.

Fali Ramadani
ACCUSED: A probe into football superagent Fali Ramadani has alleged that he made fake transfers to finance his lust for expensive property and yachts

A joint investigation between the Guardia and Hacienda (Spanish tax agency), with backing from Europol, alleges that the fictitious transfers were made to avoid tax.

They served to give an explanation for the transfer of large sums of money, claim investigators. The cash was then funnelled through a corporate structure to conceal the agents’ identity.

A Europol statement read: “After the ghost transfers were made, the suspects were using a very sophisticated network of companies to acquire assets, while hiding their ownership.

“At least €10 million was put back into Spain through the purchasing of luxury assets including real estate and yachts.

“A Maltese ‘gatekeeper’ tax adviser company was helping the agents and their criminal network in setting up the corporate veils to conceal the money flow and true owners of the assets.”

The investigation claims that the football agents were allegedly part of a criminal network which manages football clubs in several countries, among which are Belgium, Cyprus and Serbia.

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