A SICKO has been arrested in Andalucia for exhibitionism and another man for gender violence.

Local police in Ronda reported that two men were held on Saturday at around 8:20pm in Calle Virgen de la Paz road.

In the Alameda area, a 49 year-old-man was arrested for masturbating in front of minors.

The shocking behaviour was spotted by a couple of foreign tourists who alerted local police in the area.

Agents swiftly made their way to the area where they were intercepted by three girls aged between 13 and 14, who, crying, confirmed the occurrence to the police, indicating that the man was following them. 

The alleged pervert, identified by the girls, was caught with his fly open and arrested immediately for a crime of exhibitionism.

The young teens were placed under police protection until the arrival of their parents.

The expat father of an 11-year-old, who also lives in Ronda, told the Olive press that his son and friends were also ‘abused’ by the man before his arrest.

“This weirdo actually lunged at one of the boys and touched him,” he said. “They ran away laughing, but were actually pretty freaked out by it.”

The second of the arrests took place on Sunday at around 6:35am, when an emergency call was received alerting to a possible act of gender violence in a home in the ‘La Feria’ neighbourhood.

The caller informed of a violent argument taking place between a couple who lived in the vicinity.

On arrival at the scene, the police agents found a young woman outside a house, crying and being assisted by an emergency health unit, the agents were informed that the woman had been attacked by her husband.

The husband, found in the interior of the house along with a young child of the matrimony, was arrested for an alleged crime of Gender Violence.

The aggressive act is believed to have taken place in the presence of the child.

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