TWO streets in Cordoba have reverted their names back to what they used to be a year ago.

The City Council decided to change the names of Foro Romano and Avenida del Flamenco to Cruz Conde and to Vallellano.

These were the names of the streets, before the previous local government had changed them for being linked to the Franco dictatorship.

In January 2018, the Municipal Commission of the Historical Memory of the City Council made it clear that Jose Cruz Conde and Conde de Vallellano (Fernando Suarez Tangil) were two men related to the fascist regime.

The Deputy Mayor, Miguel Angel Torrico said that with these changes they will ‘put to bed the controversies that should never have been created.’

“The popular names of these streets should never have been changed,” he continued.

The delegate of the Junta de Andalucia in Cordoba, Antonio Repullo, congratulated the Mayor for these changes that involve ‘a return to normality’ and leaving ‘absurd controversies’ behind.

Meanwhile, many influential flamenco personalities, such as El Pele and Fosforito, are among the 8,000 plus signatures on a petition against changing the name of Avenida del Flamenco, asking to ‘respect one of our most universally known identities such as flamenco.”

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