AMAZON has announced the opening of a new logistics centre in Sevilla at the end of this summer, creating more then 1,000 fixed jobs in the next three years.

The new centre which the company claims will be full of cutting edge technology will open in Dos Hermanas business park, 14 kilometres from the capital Sevilla. 

Warehouse employees will make up the majority of new jobs and hiring is expected to start within the next few weeks with a base salary of 14,500 for all jobs according to Amazon.

The new robotics centre will be the fourth centre in Spain and will add to the 7,000 employees that the multinational already has throughout Spain.

The new building is being sustainably designed with integrated energy saving technology which will apparently help to reduce its CO2 footprint.  

The Mayor of Dos Hermanas, Francisco Toscano, said: “We welcome the arrival of Amazon to Dos Hermanas as their choice reflects the possibilities that our city offers both for its strategic situation, for its communications and for the availability of land.”

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