A 17-YEAR-OLD transgender girl has publicly denounced a transphobic attack that occurred early last Friday morning on Alhaken II Street in central Cordoba.

According to Cordopolis the minor, named Brianna, was allegedly insulted and then suffered a horrific physical assault causing a cervical contracture, among other injuries.

According to victim, the attackers screamed ‘faggot’, ‘you don’t have a c***’ or ‘you piss through your dick’.

After the verbal abuse she was then violently punched, but managed to call the police who arrived swiftly at the scene. However, by then the aggressors had fled and Brianna dropped the complaint.

Unfortunately, the moment the police left, the aggressors reappeared and brutally attacked Brianna again, leaving her semi-unconscious on the floor, bleeding from her mouth and nose.

REPORTED: The incident has been reported to the National Police

As Brianna told Cordopolis: “I didn’t see them coming, they attacked me from behind and kicked me in the head.”

She added that she previously suffered another transphobic attack in December, but this time she thought they would kill her.

The 17-year-old opted to go home instead of the hospital, but was taken the following morning by her aunt. There Brianna was diagnosed with a ‘cervical contracture’ and facial injuries compatible with a violent assault.

With the support of her family and the Todes Transformando Association, Brianna has reported the aggression to the local police.

Brianna then stated on social media: “I’m too young to go out in terror, to walk the streets in fear of on being killed for being who I am. But despite the fear I also have anger, courage, hunger and thirst for justice and I don’t want this to happen to any more women.”

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