THESE are images of drones being used to enforce the coronavirus lockdown in Spain. 

The flying devices have been adopted by the Municipal Police of Madrid amid a nationwide shut down of public gatherings, bars, restaurants, clubs and more. 

The drones can be seen broadcasting messages to passersby, telling them to stay at home and avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary. 

The airborne machines have been used in areas of the capital, such as Segovia Bridge and Puerta del Sol. 

Drones Madrid

It comes after authorities there sealed off public parks from 4pm today in a bid to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contagion. 

The whole of Spain is now on lockdown as the number of cases neared 6,000 towards the end of Saturday. 

It has been a black day for the country with Jet2 cancelling all flights to Spain and Semana Santa having to be cancelled across Sevilla and Malaga provinces in what will amount to hundreds of millions or even billions in lost tourism revenue. 

Meanwhile, hotels across the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have been hit hard by a wave of cancellations before having to close down.


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