A SPANISH doctor has raged at ‘selfish kids’ in a viral video being shared across Spain.

The intensive care physician, a social media figure and president of the Justice for Health Association, speaks to the camera in an emotional plea to the youth of Spain.

“We are asking the youth of Spain to stop looking at crap on their phones, and understand just for once what the hell to do,” he says.

“You have to think about everyone: don’t go out on the street, and definitely don’t start pissing about in hospitals.”

He goes on to say teenagers have been turning up at Emergencias with ‘mild symptoms’ – such as a cough – and requesting coronavirus tests.

The procedure, the doctor named Spiriman says, requires doctors spend precious time putting on protective gear, taking patients to quarantined wings and testing for Covid-19.

“The advice is clear: if you don’t have serious symptoms, stay at home.

“The coronavirus tests are for people in serious need. If anyone of you falls very ill, come to Emergencias, that is what we are here for.

“But if you healthy young people come asking for tests, and you behave like we have seen, on your phones, pissing about, laughing, what the hell is wrong with you?

“Stop playing with your balls. Stop thinking about yourself; think about everyone else.

“Go to hell.”

He adds that doctors are having a ‘terrible time’ managing the crisis. Meanwhile serious coronavirus patients ‘are dying’, their families are ‘terrified’ and kids are ‘wasting precious time’.

He said ‘young kids are not the centre of the world, right now, the centre of the world is the elderly’.

JUVENTUD de España!!! Escuchad de una puñetera vez por favor!!!! ??

Geplaatst door Spiriman op Vrijdag 13 maart 2020


  1. We need marital law declared with troops on the street ,guns cocked ready to deliver summary justice.
    When will the leaders of the free world understand that human beings are absolute shits,thinking only of themselves.!!!
    If Franco was in charge martial law would have happen some time ago.!
    The Fascists have a lot to teach about law and order in extreme circumstances.!!!!

    Location : Fuengirola
    • “Marital law” What’s that? Obeying your wife? It doesn’t take much to bring the nutters out of the woodwork.
      Sod it! Let it rip! The sooner everyone gets it and thins out the ranks, the sooner the world returns to normal.
      (And this from an old geezer who is likely to suffer most)

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