AS the Spanish Government enforces a nationwide lockdown in an effort to tackle the spread of coronavirus, a veil of silence has filled the usually vibrant Palma de Mallorca.

An eerie quiet has settled upon a normally teeming city, as residents and tourists obey Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s orders to stay indoors.

Streets typically busy with life are now desolate, roads once filled with traffic jams are almost empty and squares renowned for their offer of sun-drenched terraces have completely disappeared.

Sounds of chatter and laughter have been replaced with pre-recorded orders played via loud speaker from patrolling police cars, driving home the message that everyone must remain at home. 

ORDERS: Patrolling police instruct civilians via loudspeaker to remain indoors.

A ghost city is the only way to describe it, as those who live in the capital woke up with the stark reminder that all shops except supermarkets and pharmacies would now be closed.

However, some have defied the state of alarm governmental instructions laid down yesterday evening, venturing down the Paseo Maritimo to enjoy a leisurely stroll or run.

Paseo Maritime Palma
DEFIANCE: Runners ignored orders on the Paseo Maritimo.

Those who were spotted making unessential trips were soon given a slap on the wrist by officers and told to immediately return home.

A local source has also informed the Olive Press, that ‘at least a dozen’ businesses, including cafes and bars, opened as usual this morning before they were rapidly shut down by police officers. 

“It is madness, I don’t know what they do not understand about staying at home,” remarked local resident Federica Tossi who observed on from her balcony.

Despite demands from the President of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, to Pedro Sanchez which asked for flights to Son Sant Joan airport from affected regions in Spain to be restricted, passengers are still arriving today from affected areas, including Madrid.

Meanwhile, the hysteria at supermarkets has continued over the weekend, with citizens completely emptying the shelves to stockpile on fruit, vegetables and non perishable goods.

Palma supermarket
EMPTY: Mass panic has set in as the supermarkets lay bare.

In one store, an overhead announcement was made to instruct shoppers to refrain from touching over the counter staff, with reassurances that the food supply to Mallorca would be guaranteed.

Palma supermarket
PANIC: Shelves were empty after being raided by customers.

This comes as nine more people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Mallorca, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Balearic Islands to 55.

Among the new infections, two are in serious condition.

This includes a 94-year-old man who has been placed in the ICU at Son Llatzer Hospital and a man who is in critical condition at Son Espases Hospital.

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