HAIRDRESSERS, dry cleaners and launderettes will be among the only businesses allowed to stay open during the 15 day coronavirus lockdown. 

They join supermarkets, pharmacies and opticians in being the only types of commerce allowed to operate in the nationwide shut down set to begin tomorrow at 8am.

All other businesses, including gyms and the hospitality sector, will not be allowed to operate according to the royal decree approved last night following a crisis meeting headed by PM Pedro Sanchez.

Hairdressing salons will not have to offer a reduced VAT.

The government made the concessions in a bid to ‘not do much harm’ to small businesses which are important ‘for the economic structure of the country.’

Ministers also wanted to maintain some elements of daily life to reduce the harm to the economy and the upset to people’s routines.

The decision has been criticised on social media but many pointed out there are hygienic justifications.

Launderettes provide cleaning for people who do not have a washing machine at home while dry cleaners can act as laundries for hospitals and medical centres if need be.

Meanwhile, hairdressing salons can provide a service to people with limited mobility or those who cannot wash their own hair.

On a psychological level, a trip to the hairdressers can lift the mood of residents who are effectively being locked up at home for over two weeks.

The beauty industry invoiced €3.55 billion in 2018 in what was a third year of growth, with hairdressing accounting for €2.72 billion.


  1. It would help a lot of people if you could point out the necessity of dog walking for many and get some official approval as there will be a few busybodies only too pleased to cause trouble!

    Location : Sevilla province

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