A WOMAN who tested positive for coronavirus has been arrested after she fled to her hotel from hospital.

The patient, who had been interned at Palma’s Son Espases, left the medical centre without the consent of a doctor.

Police action was called for by the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, before she was tracked down.

Policia Nacional officers located her at around 1pm today, entered the hotel and performed an ‘administrative detention’.

She was then transferred to Son Espases, where she currently remains.

It comes as the first full day of lockdown in Mallorca has passed largely without incident, amid a heightened police presence.

This morning there were reports that ‘at least a dozen’ bars and cafes had opened as normal, before being ordered to close.

Meanwhile, another woman in Mallorca faces a €600 fine after her refusal to leave Gesa Park in front of Palma’s Paseo Maritimo.

After disobeying police orders to leave the area several times, she was arrested and identified at a station.

Messages on PA systems, in Spanish, Catalan, English and German, have been warning the public in Mallorca to stay at home.

Those who flout the emergency rules, which were announced on Friday, could be slapped with fines of between €600 and €30,000.

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