A WOMAN seriously ill with coronavirus has given birth at 27 weeks by emergency caesarean. 

The 33-year-old nurse was transferred to Malaga’s Materno Infantil hospital several days ago from the Regional Hospital. She had been admitted suffering from double pneumonia brought on by the virus. 

DRAMA: Woman had emergency caesarean at the Hospital Materno Infantil in Malaga

But last night (March 14) her condition suddenly worsened and doctors made the decision to perform a caesarean due to the high risk both mother and baby were in.

At the moment, the woman is in a serious state. The new-born, a girl, weighing 1.2 kilogrammes is in the neonatal intensive care unit. Health authorities have not disclosed her condition. 

According to a medical report released today at 2.30pm, Andalucia has a total of 437 cases of coronavirus – 180 of them in Malaga – and six deaths have been recorded. 

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