TRANSPORT minister Jose Luis Abalos has said the initial 15-day ‘state of alarm’ in Spain is likely to be extended.

His comments during an interview on RNE radio came ahead of official figures revealing the number of cases has surged past 9,000.

“It is evident that we will have to extend this situation,” Abalos said, “we will see with what measures, but in 15 days I do not think we will be capable of winning this battle.”

He warned that such an extension could lead to even more strict measures in a bid to control the coronavirus.

Jose Luis Abalos
Jose Luis Abalos

The severity of measures will depend on how effective the latest lockdown is carried out and how well people comply.

He added: “If we are all really responsible and act according to the requirements and we do not trivialise the situation, but rather share responsibility and remain united in the face of the pandemic, obviously the measures will have more effect.”

According to El Mundo, there are now 9,191 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Spain.

More than 1,000 cases have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, with Madrid remaining the hardest-hit region.

The central region has 4165 cases, with 213 killed.

Catalunya is the second-hardest hit with 903 cases, followed by Castilla-La Mancha and Andalucia with 567 and 554 cases respectively.


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