THE number of gender violence convictions in Spain has reached a record high in 2019.

Seven out of ten gender violence cases according to the Observatory Against Domestic and Gender Violence of the Judiciary (CGPJ), resulted in a sentence in favour of the victim.

Last year the percentage of cases that ended in convictions were 70.54%, which is a 0.09% increase in comparison to the previous year and a 3% jump since 2017, when it was 67.4%.

Out of 51,790 cases that went to court, 36,534 resulted in convictions and 15,256 in acquittals.

An increase was also seen in the number of complaints filed, with a 0.67% growth compared to the previous year.

In 2019 that number was 168,057, whereas in 2018 it was 166,936.

When looking at the number of victims of each region per 10,000 people, the Balearic islands were at the top, with 109.5 victims in each 10,000.

Valencia was second with 90.4 and the Canary Islands third with 89.9, whereas Extremadura had the lowest with 45.9 in 10,000 cases.

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