ALICANTE Province’s major hotel association has pledged hundreds of its beds to health authorities, in a major move to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

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The Association of Hotels of the Province of Alicante, APHA, has promised to help the Valencian Community as much as possible with the ‘medicalization’ of  nearly 70 hotels.

In a statement released last night, March 20, APHA stated the move provides, “an effective and practically immediate solution to the increase in demand for beds that we see every day as the disease progresses.”

Six hotels have already made the changes, including Hotel Boutique Palacio de Tudemir in Orihuela, Hotel Leuka in Alicante and the Hotel Complejo Residencial in San Juan.

HOTEL COMPLEJO: Already “medicalized”

Many more are ready to help, but are awaiting authorisation.

Hoteliers took only a few days to agree a compromise whereby health authorities would guarantee a quick handover, once paying guests were allowed to return.

They also insisted on a greater police presence to deter theft from the facilities that will now be the responsibility of non-hotel staff and management.

They concluded, “It is time to join the effort of all of society and stop this pandemic that causes so much damage and suffering.”

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