IT has been one week since Pedro Sanchez announced an unprecedented state of alarm across Spain – but still people are bending the rules.

Spain’s Ministry of the Interior announced on Friday a crackdown on ‘weak spots’ as the public have found ways to get around hefty fines ranging from €600-30,000 for disobedience.

Here are 15 unsuccessful excuses that have resulted in police fines.

  • Going to the supermarket when there are none in the area
  • Going to the supermarket when it is a public holiday and closed.
  • Going for a walk dressed as a dinosaur.
  • Posing as a soldier.
  • Going to see a nephew.
  • Going see a friend.
  • Taking a goat for a walk.
  • Taking a fake dog for a walk.
  • Going for a run (and then attacking a police officer). –
  • Going out ‘for a ride’ and being caught on the banks of a river with fishing gear and boots.
  • Going out for tobacco without carrying money or a card
  • Going out to pick up a package, while on a bike and in cycling gear.
  • Walking the dog, when you are miles away from home.
  • Walking at night and claiming you are buying toilet and kitchen paper from a 24-hour store. (Police said they couldn’t prove if this was true or not, but fined such a man anyway.)
  • Going to sunbathe on the beach because it was very hot and needed to you need to ‘air out’.
  • Going for a swim in a pool and ignoring a police officer’s demands for you to exit.

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