A PERSON has been charged with public disorder after reporting a fake traffic accident to emergency services in Andalucia. 

Police have identified and charged a person in El Puerto, Cadiz after they called the emergency services 112 number at approximately 9:15am this morning. 

The caller reported that an accident had occurred on Calle Valdes and that there were people trapped in a vehicle, going on to say that they could see blood, but that they would not approach to assist out of fear. 

Due to the information received, two local police units, two fire crews and one ambulance were sent to the scene, realising on arrival that the call had been a hoax.  

The caller was traced and identified and due to the seriousness of the call and the resources wasted, was allegedly charged with a crime of public disorder. 

The City Council of El Puerto de Santa Maria stated that ‘this is not a game, we are in a state of alarm, with a very delicate situation where all resources are focused on guarding and protecting’ those in need.  

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