A WHOPPING 81,000 people have been fined under emergency confinement rules to contain the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain.

The number, sanctioned since Spain announced a state of alarm on March 14, has now hit double the number of coronavirus patients – currently at 39,673.

Spain’s Minister of the Interior also announced 777 arrests have been made under police powers to enforce obedience to the laws.

All of those arrested have been charged with a crimes of disobedience, which carries a hefty fine and a prison sentence up to one year.

Though all police forces across Spain’s autonomous regions are under direct government control, each force will process its own fines.

Among the detained include a woman who spat on eight Guardia Civil agents in Zaragoza. She later proved positive to coronavirus.

Among the fined include a man who went out catching Pokemon in Madrid and another who went out to walk his goat.

Policia Local also fined one of their own agents in Leon for going out on a jog.

Agents have also been seen chasing cyclists on horseback during the crackdown.


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