A MAN who was wearing a face mask has been arrested for robbing three supermarkets and a petrol station in Catalunya.

The thief hid his face with a face mask in order to disguise himself amid the coronavirus situation.

He then proceeded to steal at knifepoint from three supermarkets and a petrol station in Rubi.

The suspect even went as far as to stab one of the employees before taking the money.

The Spaniard then fled in a stolen car and started to drive dangerously when the Mossos were alerted of the situation.

The officers arrested the fugitive in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, after a car chase where two agents were injured.

The assailant who already had 13 previous counts on his criminal record, is now accused of four robberies with violence and intimidation, vehicle theft, reckless driving and attacking a police officer.

He is due in court in the next couple of days.

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