BEER sales have skyrocketed 78% as people across Spain settle into week two of a coronavirus lockdown.

Bleach sales have dropped -8%, alongside staple products such as olive oil (-58%), pre-prepared meals (-48%) and rice (-46%).

Pasta (-33%) and toilet paper (-10%) also saw a drop in sales, according to the weekly analysis of supermarket coupon app Gelt.

The figures follow from the week in which the public ‘panic’ shopped as Spain entered a state of alarm, which began on March 14.

Beer sales saw biggest boom over the last week, beginning March 16, but they were joined by preserves (23%), (alcohol 24%) and hygiene products (34%).

“After some initial shopping more motivated by fear, now citizens have accepted and de-dramatised this fact and we are beginning to manage our consumption more rationally,” a statement from Gelt CEO Carlos Prieto said.

“The bulk buying does not make sense with the guaranteed supply and the citizens are going to normalize their consumption, “said the CEO and confounder of Gelt, Carlos Prieto.

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