Custom socks with a design

Expressing our personality became very important recently. It is not so easy as it may be seen but we have to try hard and talk about our views loudly. Showing true self should manifest itself now only in words but also in our appearance. We have to remember that we can dye hair on any color we like, we can wear well-fitting, baggy, short and long clothes and no one should criticize us. It doesn’t matter if we prefer wearing colorful or white-black clothing things. It all depends on our personal style. But we are not so brave sometimes and do not know how to highlight the personality. A good solution is to smuggle trends and our favorite fashion details in additions. And the best option is to do something by ourselves. There is an example – create custom socks! Satisfaction is guaranteed.  However, we have to have the idea of what we want socks looked like. They should be extremely personalized to us. The design has to match the entirety of our wardrobe. It will be easier to fit new socks for the rest. If we feel our favorite pattern are dots, then do socks which will include that. And so on with every other logo or something.

How to make custom socks

That’s a good question but the answer is not complicated at all. In the beginning, we have to think about what is our purpose and what is type of style we wear most often. If it is the street-style, then socks should be full of color and crazy details, small animals’ faces or our funny photos with friends. It will fit mom jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. But if we prefer to look more toned and we like wearing sweaters, skinny pants, and more elegant shoes, then we should choose some “calmer” patterns like little dots, stripes, lace, and shimmering particles. When we pick the style, then we can move on to the project. It’s simple – only we have to do is arrange the chosen pattern on socks. If we have it, the next step is selecting colors. Remember – toe and hill can be in different tint than the foot. And the only thing which is left is to print it on socks.

Choose the type of socks

The other matter is what type of socks we prefer wearing – short, standard or longer. It depends on our style, the same as the pattern, mentioned earlier. Shorter ones will be better for people who like sport-fashion and the others are for those who prefer to stay on the classic side.  And, of course, choose the right size!

The nuances of creating personal socks

We have to remember that not everyone will be an enthusiast of our socks. More old-fashion grandparents or uncles can criticize us because we wear colorful socks with the suit. But we can not be discouraged. Custom socks have their own meaning for us so it is better to tell criticizers about their genesis than to take offense. Moreover, we can say that personalized socks don’t differ from the stores’ ones, because customs have the same quality of the material. The only difference is that our socks were made with creativity and individual diligence.


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