THE price of weed in Spain has skyrocketed due to the coronavirus lockdown.

According to last year’s national plan on drugs report, one in ten Spaniards smokes marijuana.

These people will have to pay more to get their supply of hash however, as with the lockdown that has been in place nationwide since last week, freedom of movement has been severely restricted.

Dealers can therefore no longer easily sell their product on the streets, with police stopping people and fining them if they don’t have a valid reason for being out of their homes.

“Before, there were many young people on the street selling. 

“Now, obviously, they’re not allowed to be out,” a police officer said to El Pais.

The price of weed therefore has doubled or in some cases tripled in the last eight days alone.

If a gram used to sell for €5 or €6, now it easily exceeds €10 or could even possibly reach €15.

“It makes sense that the prices of narcotic substances go up,” continued the officer.

“Police pressure is high and it is no longer normal for certain people to walk down the street or for certain vehicles to move at night.”

Cocaine on the other hand has only experienced an increase in price of 10% to 20%.

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