THE state of alarm extension has been approved by the Congreso de los Diputados until at least April 11. 

The President of Congress, Meritxell Batet, announced the authorisation of the extension after revealing the results, with 321 votes in favour and 28 against in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Due to the conditions arising from confinement, only 43 members attended the voting session, with the others all voting electronically.

Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, in a speech said that since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis there has not been ‘a single day, not a single hour, not a single moment in which this Government and all the regional and local administrations have ceased to act.’

The Congreso committee approved the current royal decree of economic measures with aid to businesses, workers and families that seek to cushion the negative impact of the crisis, although most parties see them as insufficient.

With almost all parties demanding more measures for the self-employed, for householders who were left without income or for those who cannot afford the rent.

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