A MAN in the region of Valencia has been sentenced to four months in prison for repeatedly breaking lockdown restrictions.

The man in the town of Gandia had been fined on four previous occasions for not abiding to the rules set by the Government when it announced the state of emergency.

According to judicial sources, the man has been sentenced for the crime of repeatedly disobeying the authorities.

When the man was stopped on the streets by police on Wednesday, he was very ‘calm’ according to the officers.

Apparently he said he ‘wasn’t going anywhere in particular’ and that he was simply ‘walking.’

According to El Mundo’s police sources, the man said that he didn’t care that the police kept giving him warnings and that he would refuse to pay any fines he had received, because he wanted to go out whenever he felt like it.

The sentence however is suspended for two years, meaning that the accused will not go to jail, as long as he doesn’t reoffend during that period.

The prosecution asked for six months in prison, but ultimately was unsuccessful.

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