The confinement has closed scores of businesses across Spain and the rest of the world, leaving many of us without those services we have come to rely on as part of our routines.

Luckily, Some have found innovative ways to continue to offer a service, showing their loyalty and appreciation of their customers after having to close their doors in the face of coronavirus.

One such company is that of Natural Fitness Estepona which of course, as it is a fitness centre, has had to close, but that hasn’t stopped them helping people with their nutrition, putting out messages of encouragement or even providing classes to get that summer body.

“We have had to close our doors since the lockdown but have taken to social networks to encourage people and clients to stay fit and active,” Victor Mena of Natural Fit Estepona tells the Olive Press. 

“We have been posting videos of encouragement, recipes and fitness which we have had great feedback on from those at home wanting tips on how to stay fit during the confinement.”

Thinking of the future, Victor says: “I am fearless, I think everything will be fine once this is over, all we need is patience and to be fair to employees and customers, we all have to make an effort.”

For more information on Natural Fit Estepona or on keeping fit at home, visit or to follow them on social media.

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