THE Government has restricted the number of people that are allowed to attend a funeral during the coronavirus crisis to three.

Only three relatives or friends are allowed to attend the funeral of their loved one and still need to be standing apart by at least one metre to maintain social distancing rules.

The Ministry of Health has set out some guidelines that are imposed during the time of the pandemic.

“The case of burial or cremation of the deceased person is restricted to a maximum of three family members.

“This is in addition to the minister of worship or person of the respective religion who practices funeral rites for the deceased.”

As has happened in other sectors, the Government has intervened in the sector to regulate prices.

The Ministry of Health has ordered that during the state of emergency, the prices of funerals may not be higher than what they were on March 14.

If a company has charged a higher price during that period, then the customers are entitled to a refund that must be provided.

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