VALENCIA was the region that has sold the most houses in Spain in 2019.

According to information provided by the College of Property and Business Registrars of Spain for the Real Estate Registry Yearbook, all the regions in Spain were listed based on the number of house sales per one thousand inhabitants last year.

Valencia registered a total of 15.19 sales for every one thousand inhabitants.

Coming in second was La Rioja with 11.89, ahead of the Balearic Islands with 11.88 and Andalucia with 11.87.

The region with the most mortgages taken out in 2019 was not the same as the one with the most house sales.

Madrid came in first, followed by Andalucia, then Catalunya and Valencia. 

The country on average decreased its house sales to 10.8 per one thousand inhabitants, in comparison to 2018 when it was 11.06.

Across Spain, 503,875 house sales were recorded last year, a number that represents a 2.5% drop compared to 2018, the first drop in five years.

When it came to foreign buyers, the Balearic Islands registered the most, with 42.28% of houses purchased being from foreigners.

Valencia came in second with 27.08%.

The country as a whole once again registered a drop in property sales, with only 63,000 foreigners buying homes, whereas in 2018 that number was 65,400.

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