A MAN has been sentenced to four months in prison for skipping quarantine in Castilla y Leon.

The convicted man was caught stealing and had already been caught in breach of the lockdown on three previous occasions, March 23, 28 and 29.

The man from Avila, was warned by another judge that if he was caught breaking the lockdown rules again, he would be sent to prison – something which he has now done.

The judge has refused to suspend his sentence, even though it’s less than two years.

He sentences the man to prison ‘to see if he learns not to mock the state of emergency.’

Apparently the 19-year-old would take advantage of the state of emergency and would break into houses that had been left vacant during this time.

The judge also felt that his disregard for public health and safety meant he needed to be put behind bars for the good of the public.

This comes after another man in Valencia was sentenced to a four months suspended sentence last week for also breaking lockdown.

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