FRANCE has been forced to return the face masks they confiscated from Spain a few weeks ago.

An order of four millions face masks was scheduled to arrive from the Swedish company Molnlycke – based in Lyon – to Spain.

However, on March 5 the French Government confiscated the masks.

Two days earlier, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, had signed a decree that allows the Government to requisition all necessary products in the fight against the pandemic.

After 15 days of intense pressure from the Swedish Government, France was forced to release the masks to both Spain and Italy which were the original destinations.

They only allowed two million masks though, with the rest remaining in France either to be used there or for re-exporting.

Following the incident, the Swedish company now prevents its goods from circulating in France and will move its logistics to Belgium and will only be distributed from there.

The news was exposed by the French magazine L’Express.

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