CEUTA has taken in 264 Moroccans who were trapped in the city after borders between Spain and Morocco were shut.

The Moroccan authorities closed their borders on March 23 and that caused 264 of their nationals – including 114 minors – to be stranded in the enclave.

Some were cross-border workers, while others were waiting for the opportunity to cross into the Iberian peninsula.

Ceuta’s Government decided to open two sports halls in order to house the stranded North Africans.

However, the problem is that many of those housed there feel like it’s a prison, with fights breaking out over supplies.

A source from the autonomous city’s Government spoke to El Pais and said: “In La Libertad there is a group of about 20 drug addicts who are creating problems.

“These are surely not the ideal conditions for living, but we are doing what we can. 

“It is Morocco that should take care of them as Spain has taken care of the Spanish tourists who were trapped in Morocco after the border closed.”

The Government has also guaranteed that the people there get four meals a day, showers, new clothes and help from the Red Cross.

Police sources also told the Spanish paper that among those housed in La Libertad, cross-border employees represent only the minority, with the majority being Moroccans who were trying to cross over into mainland Europe.

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